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2021 Trend Alert: Lo-fi Dinner Music

Lo-Fi music is the perfect type of music to set an intimate and swanky mood for your wedding cocktail hour and dinner. And you may be thinking to yourself, "What even is Lo-Fi?" If that happens to be you, get ready because you're going to like what you hear.

Lo-fi music is described as music in which elements usually regarded as imperfections of a recording are audible, usually as a deliberate aesthetic choice. And while the definition boasts of imperfections and impurities, once you give it a listen you may just get lost in the romance and beats of the music. We love this alternative approach, to classic wedding dinner music, because it offers more organic and relaxing background melodies for your guest to socialize to.

If you're thinking of Including some Lo-Fi beats into your wedding day playlists, we have gone ahead and shared some of our favorite Wedding Day Lo-Fi playlists here for you to sample. Either send over one of these pre-made playlists to your wedding day DJ or go ahead and make a unique playlist that is all your own. Sit back with your fiancé and your favorite bottle of wine and get lost in these romantic melodies before deciding if Lo-Fi music is the right fit for you and your wedding day vibe!

Lo-Fi Beats

Lo-Fi Love Songs

Wedding Lo-Fi

Lo-Fi Hip-Hop


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