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5 Questions to Ask Your Dream San Diego Wedding Venue

The first step in planning your dream wedding is selection your wedding venue and date! When selecting your venue there are 100’s of questions to keep in mind. We narrowed down the list and have our top 5 questions below to help you with the wedding venue selection process!

1. Does your venue have a preferred vendor list?

Protip: Make sure to also ask if there is a fee to use vendors not on their preferred list. Some couples prefer to have a list of vendors that are included with the venue fee while other couples love to select the vendors that fit their style and taste best. Each couple is different, just make sure the venue falls in line with you wants and needs!

2. What are your bar options?

Protip: There are a variety of different bar options: BYOB, Hosted Bar, Cash Bar, Consumption Bar, etc. So when selecting your bar make sure you choose what fits best within your budget while also keeping guest experience in mind. If you take the BYOB approach, Bevmo Alcohol Calculator is a great resource!

3. How many hours are included in my venue rental?

Protip: If you are wanting to include all wedding formalities with time for dancing we suggest a minimum of 5 hours for ceremony and reception time. If dancing is a priority, you may want to add on an additional hour or two!

4. What does the venue provide (i.e. tables, chairs, catering) and what do I have to bring in?

Protip: If you are wanting to keep your wedding low stress and not add on extra to the planning process find a venue that provides additional services in house.

5. Do you have multiple events per day?

Protip: To minimize guest confusion and increase the intimacy for your wedding day we suggest finding a venue that only allows one event per day.

Our largest piece of advice is to find the venue that feels right and fits the vision for your wedding day. And if you have a list of all your wants but can't find your dream venue - we are happy to help with your vendor selection process!

Happy venue hunting!!


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