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Planning your Backyard Wedding as a COVID Bride

We are living in some wild and crazy times, folks! Thousands of wedding couples have been forced to postpone or pivot when it comes to their dream wedding. So, today we thought we would offer our expertise to assist couples who have decided to pivot and have a smaller, more intimate gathering in their own backyard. Here are a few insights and important planning points to keep in mind when making the switch!

Be Sure to Contact Your Homeowner's Association and Inform Your Neighbors

Make sure your homeowner's association is in the know so you won't run into any problems on the day of your wedding. The last thing you want is somebody coming by in an attempt to shut down your party. We also suggest talking to each of your neighbors as they will most be impacted by noise and parking. Be sure to greet them with a friendly smile before providing them with detailed information in regards to your event hours, estimated guest count and the parking plan for your guests. If parking is.a concern, there is always an option to hire a valet service!

Do the Groundwork

When planning a wedding at your home a few key details tend to be overlooked. Two documents that are must have's, for both you and your vendors, are a detailed timeline and floor plan including, food prep and service stations, guest tables, the bar, trash can locations, the dance floor, etc. Also, keep in mind where your power sources are as your caterer and DJ will most likely need a power source for the evening.

Communicate the Dress Code

A few complaints we have heard at backyard weddings is that the guests came dressed a little too informal. If you are wanting your guests to dress in their best cocktail or black tie attire make sure to include that information on your wedding website or with your invitation. Backyard weddings don't always mean jeans and a nice button up. Communicate the dress code and watch as your guests come dressed to the nines!


When getting married at most venues, the staffing comes included in your wedding package. With a home wedding that is not the case. Essential staff members include servers, bussers, bathroom attendants to check on supplies throughout the night and a solid setup crew. ITD ProTip: If you'd rather to focus on getting your hair and makeup done while sipping mimosas consider having a day of planner on site to make sure your vendors arrive on time and everything runs smoothly throughout the entire day!


Contact your homeowners insurance agency and discuss what is included with your policy in relation to your event. We also advise requiring all of your wedding vendors to provide a copy of their Certificate of Insurance with your wedding date and home address specifically stated on the document. Small business, day of insurance can be purchased for a reasonable rate at

Double Check your Rental List

Home weddings typically require a few additional rentals than your traditional wedding venue. But don't worry! We have created a simple rental list below for you to use as your guide. However, we always suggest talking to your planner or rental company about a rental list tailored more toward your wedding's specific needs.


  • Ceremony Chairs, Ceremony Arch/Backdrop, Ceremony Decor and Aisle Runner


  • Cocktail Tables and Linens Bar and Back Bar, if necessary


  • Reception Chairs, Dinner Tables, Sweetheart or Head Table, Tables for: Guest Book, Gifts + Cards, Buffet Stations, Dessert, DJ, Linens for Tables, Place Settings consisting of China, Flatware, Glassware and Napkins


  • Food Prep/Storage Equipment, Generators, Dance Floor, Lighting, Portable Restrooms, Trash and Recycling Bins and Tent(s)

Now, if you've gotten through this post and you feel ready to take on the challenge, then you go and rock it out! If you're feeling the complete opposite and are thinking you might need a little help, reach out and we can schedule your free consultation to discuss how we can help execute the COVID backyard wedding of your dreams. Stay hopeful and stay safe everyone. We cannot wait to be back celebrating with you here soon!


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