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Pros and Cons of a Weekday Wedding

Choosing a wedding date can be tough - especially in these challenging pandemic times when you are competing with so many other wedding couples for the perfect date. If you are beginning to plan your 2021 wedding it is important to be mindful of the high number of weddings occurring in 2021, as a result of so many 2020 postponements. With the competition high for prime weekend dates, more wedding couples are choosing to host their weddings on weekdays. Read on to explore the pros and cons of weekday weddings—and whether a weekday wedding is a right fit for you and your partner.

Pro: Lower Costs for You

Venues and most vendors offer service discounts for Monday - Thursday weekends. Be sure to ask all of your vendors if they offer this discount, as it is not always explicitly mentioned.

Con: Additional Costs for Your Guests

Guests may need to use their paid time off or pay higher fees for their travel and hotel accommodations.

Pro: Promotional Extras

Many vendors offer extra incentives such as free rental upgrades to get people to book their weddings on less popular days. Those $3 upgraded napkins you were wanting but just couldn't fit into the budget? Maybe they get thrown into your weekday wedding package free of cost!

Pro: Longer Party Weekend

You and your guests have the ability to start the weekend early with a Thursday wedding or end the weekend late with a Monday wedding giving you more time to enjoy each others company. Who couldn't use that after all of this social distancing?

Con: Lower Guest Counts

Your guests may not be able to get their request for time off of work approved for a weekday wedding.

Pro: Availability

Your dream vendors are more likely to have more availability throughout the week instead of prime weekend dates.

Pro: Travel Costs

Out of the area guests may be able to save on travel costs or hotel accommodations as most airlines and hotels offer weekday specials.

Con: Traffic

Depending on your ceremony time, you and your guests may have to fight regular weekday traffic to make it to your wedding on time.

So, is a weekday wedding right for you?

Just like in all wedding day decisions, there are pros and cons to whatever choice you make. Only you and your partner can decide what wedding date is right for you. For the wedding couple that wants an entire weekend, with hundreds of family and friends around, a weekday wedding may not be the correct fit for you. But, if a simpler planning process and more affordable wedding sounds more your style, a weekday wedding might be right for you!


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