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Top 5 Questions for the San Diego Wedding Venue of Your Dreams

The first step in planning the wedding of your dreams Is the selection your dream wedding venue. When selecting your venue there are 100’s of questions to keep in mind. However, we narrowed down the list and have our top 5 questions to make sure you don't forget to ask the most important questions of all!

Even if you are absolutely head over heels in love with a venue, it is important to ask the right questions to avoid financial surprises or unexpected rules/restrictions later in the planning process.

1. What is included in your wedding packages and for how many hours?

Each venue has unique offerings. Some venues are all inclusive providing you with your event space, caterer, photographer, DJ, officiant, florist, baker, tables, chairs, linens, the list goes on and on. While other venues are what we call "Skeleton Venues" meaning they provide only the event space and a small event team, allowing you to personally hand select each vendor. Also be sure to ask how many hours you have the venue for including prep and strike time.

2. What is the capacity?

Most venues has strict restrictions on how many guests are able to be in a specific space. Be sure to check not only on the capacity of the ceremony and reception sites but for the cocktail hour location as well. While you want to make sure you aren't exceeding the capacity you will also want to make sure you find a space that won't seem too large for a smaller guest count.

3. Is there a list of approved vendors or can we select whoever we wish?

Some venues have restrictions on who they allow to work at their site. Before booking a venue that allows their vendors only, confirm you are comfortable working with their approved vendors before signing the venue contract. Trusting your vendor team is essential in making sure your wedding day runs smoothly and you get to enjoy ever minute!

4. Is the venue available on my date?

If you have a specific date you are wanting to get married on, find out if the venue is available on that date. If you are more flexible on your date consider providing a time of year or specific day of the week. Be mindful to ask about off season discounts as well.

5. What is the backup weather policy?

If you are booking an outdoor wedding venue it is imperative to find out the property's backup plan in the event the weather is not ideal on your wedding day. Be sure to note if they have a backup option on site or if you will need to plan for the most costly rented tent option. Always plan for the worst but expect for the best - This is Southern California after all!

If you got through this article and are feeling overwhelmed with making such large financial decision, we are here to help guide you through the entire process. Our full planning package not only helps with venue and vendor selection but also maps out your entire estimated wedding budget from day one! Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!


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