October 26, 2018

May 13, 2018

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April 20, 2018

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Hip and Affordable? Sign us up!

February 28, 2018

We all know how the story goes. You begin planning your wedding and BOOM! you start to add up all the costs and realize that this wedding is FAR beyond your budget. But who says  you have to sacrifice all of your plans and dreams to fit within your budget? Most definitely, not us! Welcome to In The Details, where our specialty is creating your dream day for the ideal cost. We use our experience to be resourceful in finding you everything you need at a low cost. Below are some ideas where we know you could be saving some serious cash. 




1. Location - People always say, "Location is everything!" But, just because the location is everything doesn't mean it needs to be expensive. Do one of your family members have an amazing backyard or property? Do any of your friends manage or own a great restaurant space? BE RESOURCEFUL when finding a killer location. 


2. Flower- Don't make flowers your main statement. The love in the room should be. Add flowers where it makes sense and can be the most impactful.  


3. Honeymoon - Instead of paying for an expensive honeymoon, why not go for the staycation. Experience your city from the eyes of a tourist and I'm sure you'll be surprised on how much fun you can have on a budget! 


4. Dress - Bridal Sales, Bridal Sales, Bridal Sales! Almost every major bridal gown company offers a great bridal sale or clearance! This is your time to strike. Do your research and you could save hundred! 


5. DIY - The age old tale of  "Doing it yourself is more expensive, isn't always correct." There are tons of expectations to this rule. Utilize your resources: Google, Youtube, and Pinterest are your friends here. USE THEM! 


And of course, it sounds counter intuative but get a wedding planner. It may seem like a large cost, but many wedding professionals are willing to give your planner a discount to use their services, ultimately saving you money! 

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