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October 26, 2018

May 13, 2018

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Tropical Leaves Please

April 20, 2018

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How to be the Best Bridesmaid in 5 Easy Steps

May 2, 2018

When you accept your position as a bridesmaid you make a very selfless commitment.  You go you selfless human you! Now that you've accepted the position you'll want to be the best bridesmaid ever right? In case you aren't sure what qualifies somebody as a great bridesmaid we've listed out the key attributes below. Congrats on your new position and help that bride enjoy all the festivities surrounding her big day! 


1. Start Saving - You'll want to be able to give this bride the best pre-wedding parties, right? Well, I hate to be the one to break it to you but weddings are expensive. We suggest saving up as soon as you get this position to avoid any last minute stress. 


2. Don't Cause Drama - Your bride has enough to be worrying about. Please don't give her any additional drama to stress about. 


3. Be Supportive - Remember this is HER day. She may love something and you may hate it, but be supportive and make sure her personality and style aren't being compromised for the wedding. 


4. Follow Through - If you say you'll take care of something, do it. We love a bridesmaid who is on top of it! 


5. Bask in it - Bask in the glory. Out of all the lovely ladies on the planet this bride wants you up there with her on the biggest day of her life. So pop that cork and let's celebrate you making it onto the bride tribe! 





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