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April 20, 2018

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Managing Your Guest List

April 14, 2019

Guest lists can be TRICKY! Especially when you are wanting to send out invitations in two different waves. But lucky for you we have a few tips and tricks below that should explain it all!


Creating Your Lists

Break up your list into an A and B list. For a 100 person wedding, you would invite 110 guests in the A list as about 10% of guests decline. The number will be closer to 20% if you are hosting a destination wedding. If more people decline than you originally anticipated, start inviting from the B list within a reasonable time frame. This will help avoid the guests knowing they are on the B list and feeling less important than the others invited earlier.



Prioritize your A and B list - At the top of your A list should be your "must have" guests for that invite group with the "nice to have" guests toward the bottom of the list. You will want to repeat this for your B list.


Family and Close Friends Close 

Keep family members and close friends together on the lists. This tip is crucial in making all of your guests feel important and valued. You wouldn't want to invite some family members and leave out others of the same family!



Create a deadline based on when your final counts are due to vendors. We suggest setting your RSVP timeline two weeks prior to the final count due date. This will give you some time to play with the seating chart, any late invitation arrivals, etc. 



We suggest printing two sets of RSVP Cards. The first, going out with the A-List invitations, should have an earlier RSVP.  The second, going out with the B-List invitations, should have the final deadline set in the tip above! 


Now that you have these tips you are prepared to take on your guest list! Still feeling a little overwhelmed? Setup a time to meet with your planner and discuss the invitation process further! Happy Planning! 












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