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A Dreamy Colorado Wedding Day: Katie and Matthew's Unforgettable Camp Hale Wedding

Nestled near the perfect little mountain town of Vail, Colorado, Camp Hale played host to an enchanting wedding that stole our hearts. As a Colorado wedding coordinator and planner, I had the incredible pleasure of bringing to life Katie and Matthew's vision—a bohemian-inspired celebration adorned with dried florals, hints of blush, and touches of green.

About The Venue: Camp Hale Weddings

Camp Hale, a hidden gem in the Rocky Mountains, proved to be the perfect backdrop for this couple's special day. Choosing the first weekend of Fall gifted them with the most beautiful showing, as the leaves began to change, creating a breathtaking setting. However, with Colorado weather being its unpredictable self, a surprise rainstorm during the ceremony added a unique twist. Yet, instead of dampening spirits, Kaite and Matthew did exactly what any couple should do and turned into a fun and memorable moment, with sealing their vows in the midst of the falling rain!

The Perfect Fall Day

Imagine a picture perfect fall day, where leaves transform the surroundings into a palette of red, orange, and gold. Katie and Matthew were fortunate to experience the enchantment of fall, sidestepping the unpredictable nature of Colorado's snowfall. The ambiance seamlessly blended with their bohemian theme, setting the stage for a cozy and welcoming atmosphere during their love-filled celebration.

Unique Touches

Beyond the breathtaking scenery and seasonal charm, Katie and Matthew's wedding was sprinkled with delightful surprises. Interactive beverage burros made an appearance during cocktail hour, bringing a playful and unexpected touch. Additionally, the couple paid homage to Matthew's Latin American heritage by incorporating traditions like "La Hora Loca," infusing the dance floor with vibrant colors and energy.

Personal Connections

What made this wedding even more heartwarming was the personal connection I shared with the couple! Having worked with Katie and Matthew during my time with the Colorado Rapids, from their early dating days to the mountain wedding celebration, I could not have been more honored that they asked me to coordinate their big day. It added an extra layer of meaning and familiarity to the entire planning process, not to mention the benefit of getting to see some of my favorite past coworkers in attendence!

Katie and Matthew's Camp Hale wedding wasn't just a ceremony; it was a love story unfolding in the heart of the Colorado moutains. The stunning venue, coupled with unique touches and personal connections, created a day filled with memories to last a lifetime.

If you're dreaming of a wedding that captures the essence of Colorado's natural beauty while weaving in your own personal touches, we'd love to hear from you - Contact us to learn more about our colorado wedding planning and coordination services!


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