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Do you really need wedding favors?

Wedding couples frequently ask us, "Do we need to purchase and provide wedding favors?" And unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question. Technically, you are not required to give your guests a gift, however, wedding favors are a nice touch and a meaningful way to show your appreciation for their attendance. We suggest making this decision based on what lines up best with your wedding day values and overall budget.

How much do wedding favors cost?

The price of your wedding favors are going to depend on the item that you select as your gift to guests. Wedding favors such as matchboxes and bottle openers start at under $1, while more extravagant gifts, such as candles and wine stoppers, can cost more than $5 each. One thing to remember is that you are buying one of these for each wedding guest - so the costs of wedding favors can add up quickly.

How should I choose my wedding favors if I do provide them?

We love to use wedding favors as a place to express your personality and hobbies as a couple. If you are a couple who loves sustainability and nature consider giving guests plantable seed papers, something that demonstrates your values and who you are as a couple. Also match your favors to your wedding style and design so that they can serve as a fun detail for your photographer to capture.

Will my guests be upset if they don't get a gift?

Your guests won't remember if you don't provide favors, and they won't be disappointed if you don't. In fact, they're unlikely to even notice their absence. We can honestly say that the majority of wedding favors are left at the venue, tossed in the garbage, or overlooked entirely. However, keep in mind if you have a lot of traditional minded guests, they may be expecting a little something for their attendance.

Whether you are the couple who wants to show your appreciation to your guests through a gift or if you are the couple who would rather save the money so you can use it for another wedding day must-have, we suggest doing what feels right to you and is in line with your wedding day priorities!


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